Friday, November 22, 2019

The 10 best Black Friday deals we've seen today: cheap AirPods, bargain Fitbits and more

When you've spent so many hours trawling through deals to look for the good stuff, sometimes all you want to do is... tell the world about more deals. 

That's what we're doing here, as after a whole day of deal-searching (and another nine or so to come) we've found some pretty nifty savings that we like the look of - and want to share them with you so you can make some pretty Black Friday deals decisions right now.

Let's not waste time chatting - you just want to know what swish deals you can spend your cash on. Alright then, here you go:

The best Black Friday deals today

Looking for a gift for someone this Christmas? Bag these AirPods while you get the chance, this price isn't going to be beaten for a while:

A Pixel 4 for under £600? What a steal, we'll take two! Jokes we don't need two phones and to be honest, we can't afford it.

The iPhone 11 is one of our top phones of the year, thanks to the power/price combination... and guess what? One half of that partnership just got stronger this Black Friday:

Only £22 to change your home into a truly smart one seems a bit too simple for us... but it's not. The Echo Dot even has better sound quality for the third gen model, so it no longer sounds like you're listening to a bee in a rusty dustbin:

'FINE I'LL WALK!' You'll no longer be saying with this Fitbit deal. You'll be competing with your aged relatives before you know it, and finding out your sleep patterns are actually atrocious:

Not a fan of the Echo Dot? Like Google Assistant more than Alexa? Only got £19? If so, this is the speaker for you:

Until you get an all-in-one cooker like this, you just don't know. The best instant pots are just, well, the best and this is very much one of them:

If you want a KitchenAid mixer, you'll know a) this is an excellent price and b) it was used in Bake Off. Buy one and get evicted from your own tent:

The battery life was a problem for us before £100 was knocked off. Suddenly we were a lot more tolerant of this strong Dyson rival:

BIg fans of Roku, here. Plug it into your telleh box and get access to all manner of streaming - including Apple TV these days as well:

In the mood for some wider deals searching? Don't worry, intrepid deals hunter - here are a selection of sales we've seen already live from around the web.

Black Friday deals from around the web:


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