Wednesday, April 15, 2020

PUBG Mobile’s new update brings an arctic survival mode

PUBG Mobile will get an entirely new mode, this time based on the Vikendi map. Called as the Cold Front survival, it is a part of the game’s second-anniversary celebration.

Unlike most of the previous modes, this one will involve the players trying to survive the desolate tundra region by keeping their body temperature maintained. Not just that, players will also have to continue battling the enemies while braving the weather.

As a part of PUBG Mobile’s second-anniversary celebration, Arctic Mode will be rolled out to Android and Apple devices starting tomorrow. This will be a user-side update and servers will not be taken down to add this feature. Your teammates will however all have to be on the same app version to match together. 

The new Arctic mode will be set in the snow-covered region of Vikendi, adding a never-before-seen element of survival. Players’ health will gradually keep going down due to the weather. To avoid that, players will have to resort to creating small fires indoors by collecting resources such as branches and lighters or hunt wild chickens and consume them to restore body temperature. A new heater consumable will be added to do the same.

Another cool addition will be remote-controlled drones which players can use for surveillance and planning their next moves and staying a step ahead of the competition. Snowboards from the Winter festival will also make a comeback.

This is likely to be a limited-time game mode, so be sure to check your app for updates if you wish to try out a different PUBG experience.


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