Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Mi Electric Toothbrush T100 now up for crowdfunding in India

Xiaomi has begun the crowdfunding of the new Mi Electric Toothbrush T100. The company’s VP Manu Kumar Jain said on Twitter that the new toothbrush comes with high-frequency motors. It is priced at Rs.549 on mi.com and will start shipping from July 15.

Xiaomi teased the New Mi Electric Toothbrush yesterday leaving us to speculate if it could be the rebranded Mijia Toothbrush T500 in China. However, the company has finally uncovered the new Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush named the T100 with a lower price tag than the T300 that launched back in February.

The company markets the performance of the brush as ‘Pro-cleaning’ toothbrush. The newer toothbrush features an anti-slip bump strap design. These dotted bumps are aimed to give a better grip to users and avoid frequent slipping from hands.

The product is available on the company's crowdfunding platform. A product available on such term requires a certain number of supporters for it to be declared successful. Project is declared successful once the progress bar reaches 100% within the defined timeline. If the project is unsuccessful, those who had chipped in with their money get it back in full.

It weighs in about 46 grams and has a plastic brush head and needs a replacement every 3-4 months. The all-new bristles are 93% thinner than the conventional nylon ones. This design will help the bristles loosen and remove the plaque from blind spots of teeth and gums. 

There is a high-frequency motor which has vibrations up to 18,000 rpm to aid the cleaning process. Xiaomi says the motor when combined with the bristles will remove bacteria, food particles and stains effectively.

The new toothbrush has a Dual-Pro brush mode to match users’ preference. Additionally, the EquiClean timer will last for two minutes with a pause at every 30 seconds reminding us to switch sides.

Xiaomi also says that the newer brush will produce noise of 60 dB or lower. Apart from this, there is an LED indicator for battery status.

Further, the Electric Toothbrush T100 has IPX7 rating to prevent damages due to water splashes. Xiaomi says the new toothbrush can last up to 30 days on a single charge when used two times a day for about two minutes.

It is priced at Rs. 549 with a discount of Rs.50 and is available on mi.com with a goal of 2500 units post which it will start shipping from July 15.


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