Monday, June 8, 2020

OnePlus working on an all-in-one app for community, sales and service

OnePlus’s unprecedented rise as a premium smartphone maker can be attributed to its initial focus on its community and creating multiple touchpoints. To further improve this experience, a new, all-encompassing app is seemingly under development.

In its early days, OnePlus focussed a lot on community engagement via online and offline routes in terms of events, photowalks, pop-ups and contests. The Forums were the hub of these, which later came to its phones as the Community app. A “Red Cable Club” was also started for exclusive benefits and direct communication with the consumers. There are also dedicated channels for eCommerce and after-sales support. While all of these are useful for the users, navigating through multiple apps and websites can get a little convoluted.

A one-stop post sales shop

To address this, OnePlus is developing an all-in-one application that will offer a “seamless brand experience” by integrating all of these functions, viz. Community, RCC, eCommerce and after-sales service. OnePlus is also taking feedback and preferences via a survey to design the app in a better way. Taking a look at the questionnaire, there also seems to be a platform for personalized content and activities around gaming and photography. 

Other elements in contention include consultation, device health check, buyback value calculators, ecosystem services, product-related Q&A, tutorials and guides, and merchandise. Users also had the option to request features of their choice. There was also a question about this being a paid app, but that is unlikely to be the case. 

OnePlus has slowly been venturing out of smartphones in other tech-lifestyle products such as audio and TVs. Eventually, we could also see the OnePlus app act as a hub of its product ecosystem to unlock all features of a product. This could include the connections to the OnePlus smart TV, its audio products as well as any other smart home tech that gets announced in the future.

No timeline for the OnePlus app was announced, but we can expect it to be done in the coming months alongside the OnePlus 8T launch.

Via XDA Developers 


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