Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Samsung Display to discontinue LCD panel production by the end of this year

Samsung Display is the global leader when it comes to panels, not just limited to smartphones. A significant but expected change is reported to go in place later this year when it will end all LCD production.

Samsung Display has been the supplier of choice for most smartphone and television brands across the world, with customers spanning from Apple to OnePlus and everything in between. LG happens to be the closest competitor, which is significantly smaller in terms of market share.

Reuters reports that Samsung is on its way to ending all LCD panel production by the end of this year, after fulfilling the pending orders to its partners. Currently, there are two production lines at its South Korea campus, and two LCD-only factories in China. One of the former will eventually be upgraded and converted into a facility that can produce superior “Quantum dot” displays, while the fate of the latter is yet to be finalized.

One of the key reasons for this shift is to curb the oversupply of LCDs while there is a global slowdown for smartphones and TVs. Moreover, most manufacturers are also looking to leap on to OLED displays, which are generally considered to be superior. With the prices of OLED panels going down due to advancements, we’re now seeing them feature even in budget smartphones.

Samsung’s displays are generally considered to be the best in the business, especially when it comes to smartphones. Aspects such as high resolutions, triple-digit refresh rates, HDR capabilities, physically curved sides, in-display biometrics, and never-before-seen peak brightness levels have all been democratized in the recent past.

Even LG made a similar announcement earlier this year that LG DIsplay Co will halt LCD production for TVs in late 2020.


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