Monday, April 20, 2020

Where to buy a PS4: all the retailers with console stock and bundles available

If you've been wondering where to buy a PS4, you're not the only one. Now that Nintendo Switch stock has run dry, folks are turning their attention to more traditional consoles in efforts to stay entertained in this crazy new world. 

That means PS4 and PS4 Pro stock has been running a little thin on the ground over the last few days. We're here to help, however, by running through all the retailers in the US, UK and Australia who still have the PS4 on their (digital) shelves. 

That's right, you'll find plenty of PS4 stock available through the stores listed below, with bundles, standalone consoles, and extra accessories still available for delivery at a range of retailers. 

Prices aren't as stellar as they were during recent sales, and demand has even pushed them beyond MSRP/RRP in many places, but if you're after a console right now, there are still some decent price tags available. 

So sit back and relax as we show you where to buy a PS4, with plenty of online stores also offering fast, free delivery to boot.  

Where to buy a PS4 Pro

Where to buy a PS4 in the US

Where to buy a PS4 in the UK

The UK has seen a resurgence in PS4 Pro stock just in time for the weekend! You'll find plenty of bundles available from a wide range of retailers right now. We're rounding up our top picks below, as well as all the retailers to check for the latest deals. 

Below are all the best retailers for PS4 and PS4 Pro deals and sales - keep an eye for new bundle deals as stock starts to return. 

Where to buy a PS4 in Australia

If you're looking for something to move around the house with, we're keeping you informed of where to buy a Nintendo Switch these days, though stock is running exceedingly low. You can also check all the latest PS4 deals and Xbox One sales right here on TechRadar. 


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