Sunday, May 24, 2020

How to watch Lance online: stream the new 30 for 30 documentary from anywhere

Following on from recent hit The Last Dance, ESPN's latest documentary charts the rise and fall of an elite athlete even more polarizing than Michael Jordan - disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong. Can there possibly be another side to one of the biggest scandals in sports history? Watch Lance online and stream the new 30 for 30 documentary from anywhere to find out.

The documentary is part of ESPN's 30 for 30 series, which was launched in 2009 to help celebrate the network's 30th year and provides an in-depth insight into some of the most compelling sports stories of all-time. 

American film maker Marina Zenovich is behind the lens for Lance, having previously directed the Fantastic Lies instalment of 30 for 30, about the 2006 Duke lacrosse scandal. She's also made critically-acclaimed biopics on Robin Williams, Richard Pryor and Roman Polanski.

Lance is based on a series of interviews conducted between 2018 and  2019, with Armstrong as defiant as ever about his seven Tour de France 'wins' - which as you probably know, he was unceremoniously stripped of for doping. 

While it's rare to see to Armstrong talk at such length about the scandal, the facts of the matter remain the same and the biggest takeaway is once again how widespread doping was on the Tour during Armstrong's era.

Also contributing to the doc are Armstrong's former teammates and rivals, so rest assured nothing is going to be sugar-coated. Without further ado, here's how to watch Lance online and stream the latest 30 for 30 documentary anywhere.

watch lance online

How to watch Lance online: stream the documentary the US

How to watch Lance from abroad

As we've just explained, its really straightforward for anyone in the US to watch Lance on ESPN - but for folk anywhere else in the world, it isn't quite so simple. In some countries, you can buy access to ESPN Player, but in others geo-blocking restrictions will stand in your way.

This is especially annoying when you're from the US and would normally be able to access ESPN back home. Fortunately, there is a solution in the form of a VPN. This nifty bit of software changes your IP address so that you can access all the content you normally would at home - just from anywhere in the world.

Note that you may be required to verify your credit card or cable subscription details before gaining access to some ESPN streams, so have these to hand to make watching Lance as easy as possible.


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