Friday, May 15, 2020

Nintendo Switch Online is getting more free SNES and NES games

Looking for something new (but old) to play on your Nintendo Switch? They've been a long time coming, but Nintendo has just announced a handful of fresh retro titles coming to its Nintendo Switch Online subscription service.

As Nintendo's answer to PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold, it lets players take their Nintendo Switch games online, as well as having a catalogue of classic NES and SNES games to play while subscribing. 

Four new titles (one NES, three SNES) are hitting the service next week, and they're an interesting, if not exactly well-known bunch. You'll soon be able to play Panel de Pon, Wild Guns and Operation Logic Bomb from the SNES on your Switch, and Rygar from the NES era.

Lost gems

Panel de Pon is perhaps the most interesting of the bunch. Translated for the first time into English, this gem-matching puzzler is the basis for the Puzzle League games that eventually included Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Dr Mario themed spin offs.

Wild Guns is a fun shoot-into-the-screen sci-fi western shooter, while the guns-a'blazin' theme carries over to top-down shooter Operation Logic Bomb, also on the SNES.

The older NES game, Rygar, is a treat too, a mix of platforming and role-playing elements that was a bit ahead of its time back in 1986.

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