Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Pamper your mum this Mother's Day with a spectacular skincare gift set from Foreo

If your mum isn’t into tech but enjoys being pampered, she’ll be sure to love this skincare gift set from Foreo that is currently discounted by AU$54 at Amazon.

In this fantastic pack, you’ll get the Luna Fofo – an enhanced silicone facial massager that has a two-zone cleaning surface – the finer touch-point is suited for larger areas (like your cheeks and forehead), while the thicker touch-point is designed to target more oil-prone areas on your face, such as the T-zone or chin.

What sets this cleansing device apart from the rest is its state-of-the-art skin sensors that measure hydration levels and skin age. This information is then transmitted to Foreo's For You app, which then breaks down your skin’s vital stats. It will also provide personalised tips and tricks to optimise your skin.

In addition, you’ll get Foreo’s micro-foam cleanser which promises to purify your skin by lifting impurities that are stored deep within your pores. In the formula are amino acids to replenish skin cells and vitamin E to help retain moisture for soft and glowing skin.

You’ll also get a handy BPA-free water bottle to keep you hydrated, which in turn will help to keep your mum’s healthy glow.

Having flawless skin has never been easier with this amazing gift pack! Get the Foreo gift set today through Amazon and save AU$54.


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