Friday, May 15, 2020

Get a 2TB virtual drive for life for less than you’d think

At $350 (or £350/about AU$540), the one-off fee charged by pCloud for its 2TB cloud storage solution looks expensive. After all, some rivals charge as little as $3.49 for 5TB per year or just under $80 lifetime.

However, pCloud is not a cold storage solution, which means you won’t have to wait hours to retrieve your content, hence the slight premium.

As for super low yearly prices, they are often limited to the first year only, meaning renewals will likely be significantly more expensive - up to 15x in some cases. Ouch!

pCloud's Premium Plus 2TB plan is great for power users  who regularly exchange very large files, in the hundreds of Gigabytes. There is no inactivity clause for lifetime users, plus you have a 30-day trash history.

What else do you get? You can back up files seamlessly from a number of well known cloud storage providers and social networks. There’s also a built-in video player - which is great for video streaming - and an audio player with playlist management.

As for security, pCloud storage is covered by TLS/SSL channel protection with 256-bit AES encryption for all files. It also gives you five file copies on different servers and an optional extra layer of encryption via pCloud Crypto.

Note, you can only install the pCloud app once per device and at this time there's no option to link more than one account at once.


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