Friday, May 15, 2020

Spotify offers three-month free trial to Indian subscribers

Spotify is going all out to capture the music streaming space in the Indian market  by providing a three-month free trial offer and an annual plan for Rs 699 for individuals, students, and families.

These two plans come at a time when the popularity of other music streaming apps are also on the growth path, given that most people are ensconced at home due to the Covid-19 lockdown. 

Spotify appears to be keen on growing its user base by extending the initially offered one month trial period to three months and sweetening the deal with a discounted annual subscription. 

New subscribers to the Premium annual plan can now avail of the trial through June 30 for plans meant for individuals, students, couples, and families, as and where applicable.

Here’s what you should do

With the rejigged subscription plans, all users can avail of these offers again, or just take the 3-months-for-one offer. To avail 90 days of free or discounted Spotify Premium, users can visit,,, or, as applicable. 

A year of discounted Spotify at Rs 699 is also available at Spotify usually costs Rs 119 per month for individuals, Rs. 59 per month for students, and Rs. 179 per month for families up to six members. Spotify Duo is not available for the Indian market as yet. 

The Rs 699 annual Premium plan is at a 50 percent discount in terms of monthly billing cost. This plan, as previously offered by Spotify, does not apply to plans for students, couples, and families. However, existing subscribers can get three months of Spotify for the price of one.

In India, the two revived offers from Spotify, namely the free three-month Premium trial, and a heavily-discounted 12-month individual Premium subscription was first introduced last year in August and December, respectively. Initially, the free-trial was offered for a few months and the Individual Premium subscription with a huge discount was given only for three weeks.


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