Tuesday, June 2, 2020

PUBG Mobile gets new Jungle Adventure Mode

Tencent Games has added a new mode to PUBG Mobile called Jungle Adventure. It brings a variety of new elements into the game which we’ll mention below in detail. However, it’s only playable on the Classic Sanhok map. The update is currently rolling out to both Android and iOS users.

Hot Air Balloons 

The best addition, in my opinion, is that of Hot Air Balloons. Players will be able to use these to scout around the map, gather necessary resources, and look around for different statues. The Hot Air Balloons have a spawn place where players will be able to find and ride them. 

Statue Powers

Speaking of statues, there are numerous ones spread across the map. Praying in front of one of them will get you items such as new weapons, or even new powers. There are mainly three types of statues: Red, Green, Yellow. 

Another interesting addition is Totems. Players will be “blessed” with powers when they find them. There are mainly three types: Power Totems, Strategy Totems, and Protection Totems. They can do a variety of stuff including restore energy, health, and repair gear. 

Jungle Fruit

If you don’t like Totems that much, you can just look for Jungle Food. These are, well, fruits, that can do the same thing, except they don’t repair gear. Also, players should be wary as there are negative effects to it, sometimes. Dizziness is one example while the positive effects include some mystical stuff like the player being able to sense and airdrop. 

However, the big kicker here is that the mode is random. If you’re in, you’ll find ‘Jungle Adventure' written on the bottom right of your screen. If the Sanhok map is not already downloaded, you can go to the map selection screen and find it in the Classic section. It is 142MB in size and comes with the new Jungle Adventure mode.


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