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SimplyHired is one of the biggest and most powerful job boards around, so it’s a great option if you want to scour job adverts from hundreds of different sources in one place.

Employers can post jobs for free on this job site, and listings are also aggregated from elsewhere. SimplyHired has an impressive pedigree – it’s owned by the same parent company as both Indeed and Glassdoor.

That bodes well when it comes to a high-quality recruitment experience, but there’s plenty of competition in the market, and so SimplyHired will still need to deliver a good experience if it’s going to impress.


SimplyHired looks like a search engine, and the result is a focused interface that puts job listings front and centre.

Job Search Results

You can also sort SimplyHired's job search results by distance, job type, salary and date added (Image credit: SimplyHired)

When you search for a position and location, you’re presented with a list of jobs on the left and their job descriptions in a larger window on the right, and you can filter the roles by their posting date, job type, salary, and distance from your location. On each listing, you’ll see the hiring company, the skills needed and the job description, and the site also offers estimated salary ranges if information about compensation isn’t provided. This is solid, but more filtering options on those searches would have been welcome.

Due to SimplyHired’s shared ownership with Glassdoor, you’ll also see each company’s overall rating if it’s available. And, as jobs are aggregated here from loads of other sites as well as being posted natively, there’s no shortage of postings to browse.

You can apply for some positions directly on SimplyHired by uploading your resume, while other listings will take you to external sites. As usual, you can establish customized job alerts and save job listings, and users can upload resumes or build them using SimplyHired’s free building module. This portion of the site is impressive – users can deploy loads of different templates and rely on pre-written phrases to keep things professional.

Salary Calculator

Calculate salaries based on job title and location using SimplyHired's Salary Estimator (Image credit: SimplyHired)

SimplyHired has some impressive job-seeking tools elsewhere. There’s an extensive salary estimation module and a cost-of-living calculator, and company review data is pulled across from Glassdoor – although you will find more detailed information over on that site. The feature set is rounded off with a careers hub that provides job seekers with resume and cover letter templates and sample interview questions. There’s a mobile app for job-searching, too.

There’s plenty to like here for recruiters. It’s free to post a job vacancy on SimplyHired, and the position will usually appear on more than 100 different job boards. The site has a sleek dashboard to allow employers to manage their job listings and applications.

Easy toggles allow job listings to be customized and enable employers to add screening questions that can narrow down the field before applications are sent, and a straightforward workflow template illustrates how candidates are moving through your recruitment process.

Elsewhere, SimplyHired can also be used to onboard new staff members, track employee attendance, monitor paid time off, and manage all of the documents required by the recruitment process. These are many of the features that are usually found in ATS and other kinds of HR software, and it’s unusual but welcome to find them on a job board like SimplyHired.

This system isn’t powerful enough for large businesses, but it’s a great option for smaller companies that need some help to streamline and standardize their HR processes.

HR Pricing

SimplyHired is free for job seekers while HR professionals pay $10 per month after a very generous six month free trial (Image credit: SimplyHired)


It’s free for job-seekers to use SimplyHired, and it’s free for employers to post job listings on the site – but you’ll have to pay a fee for each candidate you wish to contact. The price per candidate starts at $9.99, but it will rise based on the number of applicants, their level of experience, and how in-demand they are.

SimplyHired’s HR features are free to use, which is an impressive feature – it doesn’t have the power of other tools, but for simpler tasks, it’s ideal.

Final verdict

SimplyHired is one of the best options around for job seekers and recruiters. Its aggregation means you get access to a huge number of job listings, and the site uses data from Glassdoor to enhance its listings.

There’s a good range of features elsewhere, including salary and cost-of-living data. This is a great choice for employers, too – recruiters can rely on innovative pricing, a slick dashboard, and a surprisingly extensive selection of HR tools.

SimplyHired lives up to its name with powerful features and straightforward design. Whether you’re on the hunt for a job or looking for staff, it’s an excellent addition to your arsenal.

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