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Freshteam is a recruitment ATS from the broader Freshworks company, and it goes further than many of its rivals thanks to a broad feature set that covers a wide range of situations.

It's used by organizations like SAP, Monster, and Nissan, so it's got some pedigree, and it also has one of the best free options in the business.


Freshteam provides one-click job postings to hundreds of job boards and social media profiles, just like other recruitment tools, and you can customize your company's entire hiring workflow, from adverts to interviews. You can choose which job boards you use, manage employee referrals and manage your company's Facebook job listings through Freshteam.

Job Descriptions

Freshteam provides plenty of examples to help you write the perfect job description (Image credit: Freshworks)

There are more than 100 built-in job description templates here – which is good, but other services offer more – and Freshteam also offers custom applicant tracking links and support for external recruitment agencies.


Freshteam also allows you to automate routine tasks such as follow ups and screenings (Image credit: Freshworks)

You can automate the resume screening process and instantly collect data about interview scores, feedback, and your interaction history. You can define automation rules for every task in the process. That means candidates that meet your requirements can move to the next stage of your hiring process without any time-consuming intervention from HR staff.

If candidates aren't suitable right now, you can build an archive of talent for the future, and you can use bulk actions, pre-written responses, and integration with email apps to keep the process moving.

If you've chosen to interview a candidate, you can use pre-assessement tests, a structured feedback system, and calendar integration to simplify that part of the process. Freshteam also integrates with Skype and Google Hangouts for video interviews, but it doesn't have native video ability.

Mobile App Features

Take your work with you on the go with Freshteam's mobile app for Android and iOS (Image credit: Freshworks)

Fresthteam has loads of other small, thoughtful features. You can display job postings at different locations, maintain an employee directory, use its Android and iOS apps to keep your recruitment moving, and provide different users with varying levels of access. Encryption is supported here, and the reporting suite gives managers full access to hiring and staff data.


Freshteam is one of the few recruitment platforms that includes onboarding features (Image credit: Freshworks)

Freshteam also has more onboarding ability than many of its rivals. You can create and send welcome kits of relevant documents, create welcome emails with templates and maintain a checklist to ensure that your onboarding process is completed correctly. Electronic signatures are supported too, which is helpful for hammering through all of the new-starter documentation.

When you've hired employees, Freshteam can also manage staff – it's got an employee self-service portal, document management modules and a full system to create and manage vacation time and your company hierarchy. Many rival apps don't include this functionality.

Freshteam's recruiting tools also integrate with the wider Freshworks family of products, which includes customer service, sales, marketing, and IT servicing tools.


Freshteam charges per employee but you can get two months for free by signing up for one of its annual plans (Image credit: Freshworks)

Plans and pricing

Freshteam has one of the most generous free options in the HR software market. You can publish three job vacancies at any one time with Freshteam's free product, create a basic career site, and collaborate with your team. The free option also has email integration, applicant tracking, team collaboration options, and access to the firm's iOS and Android apps. For smaller businesses who need basic HR options it's a great choice.

Freshteam's Growth, Pro, and Enterprise tiers cost $1.20, $2.40, and $4.80 per employee per month, and they also have monthly platform fees of $71, $119, and $203. As usual, more features are available at higher tiers. Those latter tiers are more suitable for larger firms that do lots of hiring or for managers who want unlimited access to features and lots of customization. The Enterprise option also comes with a dedicated account manager.

Final verdict

Freshteam is one of the market's most impressive recruitment software products. It's got a broad range of accessible features, and it has more onboarding and employee-management options than most of its rivals that are solely dedicated to recruitment. Its free option is one of the best around, too.

It's not infallible, though. Freshteam doesn't have as many background screening options as some other products, and it's a bit weak on compliance checks too – other services can help you navigate a broader range of regulations. Freshteam is also potentially expensive, especially if you scale up in a larger organization.

Freshteam won't be ideal if you do need those background check and compliance features, or if you're on a tight budget. But its free option is a great basic product, and it has a great range of mainstream recruitment abilities. 

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